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Heany Industries Inc. - Manufactures alumina and zirconia ceramics for wear resistant applications and provides thermal spray coatings for wear, corrosion and thermal barrier applications.

Hebei Advanced Materials , Inc. - Manufacturer and exporter of aluminum borate and potassium titanate whiskers for metal/resin/ceramic.

Hi Por Ceramics Ltd - Resin composites, metal matrix composites, synthetic bioceramics, catalyst carriers, foam, porous and dense ceramics.

Hottec Inc. - Supplies high temperature ceramic solids for machining, ceramic adhesives, coatings and castings for temperatures from extreme cold to 3400 F.

HP Technical Ceramics - Offers interesting figures about technical ceramic materials.

Il Pozzo - Produces Italian tiles, tops for kitchen and bathroom in handmade decorated lavica stone plus tables for garden and hotel in lavica stone.

Industrie Bitossi SpA - Produces alumina ceramics and grinding media, wear resistant linings, ballistic ceramic and micronised zirconium silicates for the ceramic industry.

International Ceramics & Heating Systems - High temperature ceramic insulations and heating systems. Ceramic products from insulating blankets to structural refractories, temperatures to 3000 F.

Intertec Southwest, Inc. - A specialty electronic and electrochemical ceramics producer specializing in high precision ceramic substrates.

James Kent Group - Produces materials for the ceramic industry including frits, glazes, extrusion glasses, black refactories, electrical resistor and heating element ceramics.

KaiFeng Special Refractory Material Group Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd - Manufactures unshaped refractory and raw materials, including alumina cement, and corundom.

Kedali Ceramic Factory - Manufactures nativity sets and Christmas ceramics.

Keratec Advanced Materials - Manufacturer of custom structural ceramic components alumina, zirconia, zircon, mullite and cordierite.

Keser - Special materials for ceramic industries, products, high tech products and service for ceramic industry.

Keser srl - Manufacturers of special materials for the ceramic industries, body strengtheners, polyurethane metal adhesive, polyurethane two components resin for fast joining of ceramic pieces and non-mill saverollers engobes.

Kim Truc Ceramics - Ceramic scientific technical services and production company Ltd.

Kings - Introducing all kinds of grinding and dispersing media and specialty chemicals.

Le-Mark International Ltd. - High-temperature ceramic products: all-ceramic glow plug for diesel engine, igniter for natural gas, and parts substituting resistance wire.

Maret SA - Producer of small precision parts in ultra hard materials such as advanced ceramics, alumina , zirconia and ruby and sapphire. Balls and seats, pistons, cartridges, rotors and stators for rotary valves and print heads.

Maryland Lava Company - Manufacturer of custom ceramics for electrical, electronic, welding and technical uses. The pyrophyllite material is machined and fired to customer specification.

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