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Sanwa Components USA - Supplier of ceramic components for electronics, fiber optic components, activated carbon for super capacitor, adhesive dispensing equipment and ultrasonic soldering equipment.

Sembach - Manufactures ceramic materials with thermal, electrical, wear, and fracture resistance properties. Contains company profile, products, and production process.

Standard Ceramic Supply Company - Manufactures clay and glazes for potters, schools and artists and supplies tools, glaze chemicals, ceramic materials and decorating supplies.

Superconductive Components Inc. - Manufactures ceramic powders, sputtering targets, laser ablation sources, evaporation materials, single crystal substrates, and engineered ceramics for research and commercial applications .

Superconductor Substrates - A manufacturer of single crystal substrates for high temperature superconductor film growth.

Superior Technical Ceramics Corp. - Manufacturer of custom structural ceramic components, isopress, mechanical press, extrusion and injection molding forming methods, alumina, zirconia, lava and steatite.

T.C.I. - Specialized in the production of the most technologically advanced equipment for sanitary ware, tiles and tableware production.

Target Materials Inc. - Manufacturer of high performance thin film materials providing metals, alloys, and ceramics for sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and other PVD materials in any defined configuration.

Thermal Ceramics, Inc. - Manufacturer of products used in high heat containment, friction and filtration applications in industry, commercial and transportation markets.

TPL Technologies - A technology development and commercialization company specializing in dielectric ceramic powders, capacitors, polymers, sensors, energetics, specialty materials of sol-gel coatings, film and soft lithography.

Traimec - Offers solutions for your kiln drive system.

Ultra Hard Materials USA - Manufactures monolithic CeTZP ceramic components and parts which are more wear-resistant and could last longer than steel.

VZS//Seagoe Advanced Ceramics Ltd. - Specialist in high grade technical ceramics products for a variety of industries that demand purity of materials and critical specifications. A member of the Beauford Group Plc .

W G Ball Ltd - Manufacturers of ceramic colors, glazes, wood brand coloring oxides and artists pigments.

Weifang Hua Mei Fine Technology Porcelain Co. Ltd. - Produces carborundum products used in furnaces and high temperature applications.

Wesgo Ceramics - Supplier of custom ceramic components for semiconductor, laser tubes, night vision, medical, charge dissipation, chemical, electrical, mechanical and vacuum applications.

YiXing Coundum Factory - Engaged in developing and manufacturing alumina ceramic products.

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