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Advanced Ceramics Ltd. - Manufactures composite HTS ceramic material (BSCCO 2212) for superconducting current leads, fault current limiters, using the composite reaction texturing process developed at Cambridge University.

Ariston Ceramic - Manufacturer and exporter of sanitary wares.

Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem - Offers handpainted and decorative ceramic tiles, murals, nameplates, mugs, and pottery.

Association of American Ceramic Component Manufacturers - Organization of ceramic component manufacturers that offers increasing public and industry education and awareness of ceramic applications.

Cera-India - Ceramic products, sanitaryware, wash basin, water closet, bidet and vitreous china product.

Ceramic Bodies Vicar - Manufacturer and supplier of prepared bodies for technical and traditional ceramic such as maiolica, tableware, stoneware, electrical porcelain, refractories, and cordierite.

Ceramic Colours - India manufacture internationally recognized zirconium oxide,low and high temperature ceramic colours, reactive frit roofing tiles, matt and glossy glazes.

Ceramic-Finder - Directory of ceramics related businesses, suppliers and designers.

Ceranet China Export Corp. - China ceramics supplier of mugs, cups, dinnerware, teapot, coffee set and pet bowls.

Ceronics Technical Ceramics - Provides ceramics manufacturing solutions ranging from high production manufacturing technologies to product development for piezoelectric, ferroelectric, structural, and other technical ceramics.

CEVP Ltd. - UK vacuum applications supplier of ceramic materials, substrates and finished components used in vacuum deposition systems.

China Glaze Co. Ltd - Manufacturers of ceramic material for tile production and ceramic glazes.

Dyson Precision Ceramics - Manufacturers of complex shaped, high-fired refractory products using Alumino Silicate, Zircon and Zirconia Mullite materials

East Coast Sales Company - Distribution of ceramic products, primary product line is high purity, high temperature technical ceramics .

Elektroporcelan Louny A.S - From the Czech Republic, a supplier a of ceramic insulators for LV, HV and UHV systems and other products.

Enterprise Personnel - Offers client service in ceramic and related industries by bringing together the finest candidates and career opportunities.

FiberFree - E-commerce site offering high temperature FiberFree refractory material for use up to 1950°C.

GBC Materials - Manufactures technical ceramic components and glass preforms.

GE Advanced Ceramics - Producer of advanced ceramic (nonoxide) powders and hot-pressed and chemically vapor deposited shapes.

HB Technical Ceramic - Manufactures industrial ceramic parts and fibers in China.

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