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Fiberglass (33)

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Servi Fibra - Manufacturer of GRP polyester resin items. [Mexico]

SGL Carbon Group - Manufactures heavy tow (48k-360k) PAN carbon fiber and graphite products at 25 locations in 10 countries. [Wiesbaden, Germany]

Sidewinder Filament Winders - Filament winding systems for the reinforced plastics (composites) industry. Standard and custom machines, retrofits, installation, training, consulting. [Laguna Beach, CA]

Simex Technologies - Vinyl ester prepregs,7781 glass, aramid and carbon. Bi-lingual French - English site. Laminate/resin data downloadable in .pdf format [Quebec, Canada]

Site Manufacturing Inc. - Compression molding, hand lay-up and autoclave. Research and development, engineer and manufacture composite products.

Smyth Composites (Plastics) Ltd - UK. Manufacturing low maintenance shatter/vandal proof GRP & Phenolic Flat Sheet Products that don't drip, melt or soften in fire. Optional cores, solid colours, surface textures/finishes for most in/external glazing/cladding purposes.

SP Systems - UK. Design, development and manufacture of advanced composite materials, specialising in materials technology and composite engineering for large structures. Detailed technical information, specifications, glossary, and technical guides on PDF files. Leaders on compsoite marine and windmill structures.

Spaulding Composites - Manufacturer of composites for the automobile industry and other fields using technologically engineered products and composites. Manufacturer of Mykroy-Mycalex glass-mica composite. Prepregs, FW, laminating. [Rochester, NH]

SPEER CANADA Inc. - part making division of SGL Carbon.

St Bernard Composites Ltd - Designs and manufactures advanced composites, metal bonded components, and aerostructures for aerospace, defance, diagnostic imaging, and survival equipment.

Starfire Systems Inc - Manufacturer of high temperature silicon carbide composites and ceramics .

Stronger Lighter Industries - S.L.I. is a Honeycomb sandwich panel and composite part manufacturer [Brighton, CO].

Swedish Composite Development AB - Offer the following services for industry, small business, and individuals: prototyping, production, short- and long series, product development, design consultation, development of process technology, autoclave capabilities. rapid prototyping.

Taconic - Taconic is a worldwide manufacturer of advanced, engineered composite materials consisting of Teflon(R) coated fiberglass, Kevlar(R), and Nomex(R).

TAP Plastics: - US distributor of E-glass and S-2 glass fabris, Polyester and epoxy resins, plastics. Focus on boat and race car enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys creating their own ideas from plastic. Useful for the do-it-yourselfer. Will sell small amounts over the internet, shipping globaklly. Good technical advice on resisn, and fibers.

Technetics Corp. - Manufactures metal (Stainless steel, Hastelloy-X, FeCrAlY) fiber based products for the aerospace, power generation, and process industries. [Deland, FL]

Technical Resin Bonders Limited - UK. Manufacturers and fabricators of lightweight honeycomb panels, composite structures and adhesive bonded assemblies for the Rail, Aerospace, Defence, Marine and Motor Racing Industries. Carbon, Kevlar, and glass skins plus anodized, painted aluminium, and stainless steel.

Ten Cate Advanced Composites TCAC - Ten Cate weave E-glass, S-2 glass, aramid (Kevlar + Twaron), UHMWPE and carbon / graphite. Manufacture prepregs for aerospace and ballistic armor. Applications listed for advanced thermoplastic prepregs (CETEX*R). Owner of Bryte in CA. [Holland]

Tenax Fiber GmbH & Co. KG - Produce PAN based Carbon fiber, High strength, high strain. 3k, 6k, 12k and 24k. Supply to European market. 100% owned by Toho Tenax Ltd. of Japan, part of Teijin Corp. [Wuppertal, Germany]

Tersus Ltd. - Manufacture materials for casting, laminating, foam coating and mould making.

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