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Elite Consultants - Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) Systems, GRP Tooling, FRP Tooling, Pattern Making. [Hants. UK]

Emerson and Cuming Composite Materials - Manufacturer of hollow glass microspheres used in subsea syntactic foam buoyancy systems, deepwater thermal insulation and drilling riser buoyancy modules. A division of the CRP Group of Companies. [Centon, MA]

Epic Resins - Epoxy, polyurethane, adhesive bonding materials and encapsulants. [Wisconsin]

EPO Fasern GmbH - Produce prepregs for industrial applications, especially based on large tows. UD and fabric using E-glass, R-glass, carbon and aramid. Epoxy and phenolic. Data sheets. English and German. [Willich, Germany]

Ercon Composites - Pultruder of GRP sections such as cable trays, gratings, ladders, walkways, handrails, structural sections, cross arms, discharge rods. UP and Epoxy. [Rajasthan, India]

Euro-Composites - Luxembourg. Manufacturer of lightweight products based on honeycomb core, based on Nomex aramid. The product range consists of various types of honeycomb, panels, formed, milled parts and drop-in parts for a wide range of industries and especially for the aeronautical industry.

Eurofiber SL - Filament wind pressure vessels (Al, Carbon or Inox steel liner with fiber overwrap) and laminate complex forms using carbon, glass and aramid fibers. Vinyl Ester, polyester or epoxy resin. Bilingual English/Spanish site. Eurofiber high technology composites, containers and resistant elements developed with carbon fiber glass fiber ... and complex laminated products special container bags obturer and pressure resistant bags. [Madrid, Spain]

European Alliance for SMC - SMC - Sheet Moulding Compound BMC - Bulk Moulding Compound Mission of the SMC-Alliance: To promote the intelligent application of SMC and BMC composites in the automotive, trucking, electrical, construction and other markets.

European Composites Industry Association GPRMC - Belgium based multi lingual site. Grouping of various national composite institutes and professional associations in Europe. Includes non EEC countries

Ferolite Jointings Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturers of compressed fibre jointing sheets .

FiberCote Industries - FiberCote designs and manufactures advanced composite prepregs for aerospace, RF/microwave/electronic, insulation/ablative, industrial and recreation applications. Vinly Ester, Epoxy and Phenolic resins, E-,D-glass, S-2 glass, Carbon fibers. [Waterbury, CT]

Fiberflon Ltd - PTFE (teflon) coated glass, Kevlar and Nomex fabrics, high temperature PSA tapes ; conveyor belts ; silicone coated glass fabrics [Corlu - TURKEY]

Fiberglass Sales LLC - Manufacturing and importing composite parts, components and molds including carbon fiber, Kevlar and handlaid fiberglass into the US for the marine, automotive, architectural and industrial type industries.

Fiberglass Warehouse - Online distributor of fiberglass, polyester (UP), vinylester, epoxy, gelcoat, aramid, carbon, and other composite materials.

Fiberlay LLC - Seattle, WA. Retail supplier of materials used to manufacture and repair of fiberglass parts. Epoxy, vinyl and Polyester resins, Kevlat, carbon and S-2 glass fabrics.

Fibernide - FiberNide was formed to commercialize and manufacture nickel aluminide products. These new products include continuous carbon fiber, nickel aluminide matrix composites, nickel aluminide foams, and nickel aluminide sinters.

Fiberset Inc. - Design and manufacturing in composites using carbon and other fibers, for aerospace and industry

Fiberwrap Construction Inc. - Composite Seismic Retrofit of Concrete Walls.

Fibraplex - A company whose main focus is finding uses for carbon fiber in aerospace and non-aerospace applications, i.e. string, cable, and rope.

Fibre Glast Developments Corporation - Offer a complete line of fiberglass supplies and composite materials including fiberglass cloth, epoxy resins, carbon fabric, and Kevlar. Excellent online catalog and also some technical information. Wide range of products can be ordered online, export customers outside US also serviced. [Brookville, Ohio]

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