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Bradken Resources Pty Ltd - Combined foundry and heavy engineering group. Services include the supply of cast, machined and fabricated consumables for the ongoing production needs of industry. Located in Australia.

Buck Company Inc. - Foundry seeking to expand and producing ductile, gray, and malleable iron and aluminum, brass, and bronze castings. Site includes list of facilities and currently invites applications for jobs.

C.I.M.D. - Produces finished machined parts and rough slugs and tubes in cobalt-based stellite superalloy materials. Main characteristic is resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and high temperatures.

Cambridge Brass - Canada. Specializes in sandcasting, machining, and assembly of products for municipal waterworks industry. Includes valves, fittings, and meter setters. Site includes downloadable details of available items.

Canlin Castings - Foundry featuring cast iron, aluminum, bronze, ferrous and non ferrous metals. Offers engineering, architecture and ornamental services. UK Based.

Carr Lane Castings - Foundry specializing in aluminum, bronze, and zinc alloy castings. Capabilities include artwork and architectural fabrication as well as broad range of industrial components.

Cast & Alloys - India. Specializes in manufacture and export of pistons and piston assemblies for stationary diesel engines, compressors, and automobiles, especially per OEM requirements.

Cast Alloys - Copper alloy casting manufacturer based in Mumbai, India. Volute pump parts, submersible pump parts, machine tool parts, pipe fittings.

Cast Rep Group - Rep for numerous casting companies including graphite, die, injected molding.

Castings Directory - A world-wide directory of over 1.000 foundries and companies which offers services related to the castings industry. Web page builder. Business forum.

Castings for Industry - Matches casting suppliers, ductile iron suppliers, tool steel suppliers to the foundry; for brass castings, bronze castings, or ductile iron castings.

Castings P.L.C. - Group of British foundries producing variety of raw and finished ductile, malleable, and grey iron castings, with some focus on the automotive market. Site provides details of capabilities and range of end products.

Castrite Foundry Co. Inc. - Produces variety of sand, shell, no bake, and permanent mold castings in aluminum and bronze. Site includes photos of sample end products.

Centromet AG - Bulgaria. Produces variety of centrifugal castings. Includes chemical furnace rolls, coated tubes, and tube assemblies; rough machined, heat treated, and finished cylinder liners; and rolls for ceramic and food industries.

China Anji Foundry - Produces castings of aluminum, magnesium, steel, copper, iron and titanium, aluminum precision casting.

China Jiao He Casting Manufacturing, Co. - Specialized in gray iron casting, sand casting, and permanent mold casting in iron, steel, aluminum, and magnesium. Based in China.

CIF Metal Ltd - Foundry for aluminum and zinc alloy utilising mold and a machine shop for finished parts. Technical assistance, CAF and CAM.

Concast Metal Products Co. - Manufacture continuous cast bronze bars, tubes, shapes, and plates from copper alloys and other non-ferrous materials.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds Castings - Creates castings for OEMs in industries including automotive, hardware, hydraulics, electrical, marine, and HVAC. A division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds.

Copper Brass Bronze and Gunmetal Castings - Indian manufacturer and exporters of copper, brass, gunmetal, bronze and stainless steel castings.

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