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Crosbie Foundry Co. Inc. - Main emphasis is on production of small sized brass, bronze, and aluminum castings. Examples include band instrument parts, latch hardware, metering valves, decorative brass products, and railroad key blanks.

Cunningham Pattern and Engineering - Onsite prototype patterns, castings, machining. Concept-to-finished-part producer.

CW Taylor - Iron foundry supplying grey, ductile and alloy iron castings up to 35 tonnes.

Dalian Zhongsheng Metal Products Co., Ltd. - Manufactures gray, ductile, and malleable iron castings. Also carbon steel, copper base matrix, and alloy aluminium castings.

Dansk Sintermetal - Produces powder-pressed components.

Dent Manufacturing Inc. - Offers prototyping and production of hinges, latches, railing, couplings, hose adaptors, brackets in aluminum brass, or bronze. [Northampton, PA]

Doktas Dokumculuk Tic ve San. A.S - Offers gray & spherodial cast iron parts and aluminium castings for the automotive, off-road machinery, agricultural tractors, as well as construction and electrical appliance industries. Based in Turkey.

DWV Casting Company - Produces broad range of cast iron soil piping, fittings, and couplings. Site provides detailed list of available items and sizes.

E-Choyce - Asia operation representative for die cast part.

Eccles Foundry & Engineering - Australia. Specializes in casting and machining of hose couplings and fittings in brass, bronze, aluminum, and grey iron. Serves variety of industries. Site includes details of available products.

Electro-Mold & Castings - Specializes in sand and permanent mold casting of aluminum, bronze, brass, and copper alloys. Also offers patternmaking, light machining, and welding services. Customer base includes commercial, artistic, and decorative markets.

Engineered Specialties Corporation - Represents manufacturers of sand castings, investment castings, stamping and washers throughout New England and the Northeast.

Essen Aluminum - Manufacturer of copper based alloy castings, centrifugal castings, squeeze castings and machined parts in a variety of metals.

Falon Nameplates Limited - Manufacturer of cast bronze and aluminium nameplates as well as plaques including memorials, engineering, and general nameplates. UK based.

Feldaroll Foundry - A non ferrous foundry specializes in the design and production of custom-made gravity die and sand castings.

Fonderie de Gennaro - Cast iron foundry specializing in grey and spheroidal castings. Based in Italy.

Foundry and Fabrication (Totnes) Limited - UK. Family business producing raw, machined, and finished non-ferrous castings. Uses gravity die, synthetic airset, and green sand methods. Materials include aluminum, gun metal, zinc alloys, and phosphor/aluminum-bronze.

Franklin Bronze & Alloy Company - Produces wide range of both sand and investment castings in brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel based alloys. Site provides comprehensive details of equipment and capabilities.

Fundici-n en C?cara, S.A. - Specializes in the shell moulding process. High/low alloyed steel. Parts for grinding and crushing machinery, steam power plants, cement plants, petrochemical industry, agricultural machinery, earth moving equipment.

Fundicion Torrey - Features an aluminum foundry making sand and permanent mold castings. Based in Mexico.

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