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A.K.P. Foundries Pvt. Ltd. - India. Produces variety of grey cast iron and ductile iron products for automotive industry. Examples include manifolds, pulleys, valves, connecting rods, and crankshafts. Available in machined condition.

Acme Castings, Inc. - Manufactures steel, iron and bronze impeller castings for the pump industry, and other ferrous and non-ferrous castings using investment, sand and permanent-mold processes.

Advanced Cast Products - Ductile iron foundry with complete in-house, intermediate and high volume molding, austempering, machining, and assembly. Products include austempered ductile iron.

Advanced Metalworking Practices Inc. - Produces ready-to-use feedstock for metal injection molding. Available in various types of powder and compositions. Site incorporates detailed product, processing, and application information.

Advanced Pattern & Mold - Produces patterns and tooling for aluminum, brass, bronze, and iron castings. Also produces aluminum castings for vacuum form tools, cast aluminum rotational molds for plastics, and cast aluminum concrete molds.

Aeromet International PLC - UK manufacturer of precision aluminium and magnesium castings, titanium products and aluminium stretch forming.

AFS Birmingham District Chapter - Get the latest information from the Birmingham District Chapter of American Foundrymen's society.

Alcast Company - Employee owned foundry specializing in aluminum castings. Includes brake calipers, torque converters, industrial fans, valve bodies, and castings designed for incorporation of tube and steel inserts.

All Australian Foundry And Castings Gateway - Cast iron, steel, aluminium, bronze, ferrous and non ferrous metal castings, foundry equipment, services, binders and foundry consumables.

Allerup Teknik - Read about the capabilities of this Danish foundry.

Alltrista Corporation - Provides cast zinc strip and fabricated zinc products, primarily zinc battery cans and coinage; United States and Canada. Company profile includes financial and investor information. (NYSE: ALC)

Alpine Casting Company - Specializes in custom and trade jewelry casting and finishing in gold, silver, brass, bronze and pewter. Uses lost wax and spin casting processes. Site provides details of services and order processing.

Aluminum Foundries, Inc. - An aluminum foundry of sand castings, die castings, and permanent mold castings from ounces to 500 pounds.

AmeriCast Technologies - Comprises several foundries in US, Canada, and UK to produce extensive range of iron, steel, and non-ferrous castings and forgings for wide variety of markets.

Anchor Bronze & Metals Inc. - Produces wide range of bearing bronze items, continuous cast copper alloys, finished machine parts, sleeve bearings, wearplates, and centrifugal castings. Site provides extensive product information.

Anji Foundry - A specialized foundry with over 30 years experience from China.

Associated Steel Foundries - Supplies steel and ferrous castings for industrial and military applications. Including components for liquid transfer, abrasion and corroston resistant parts and armoured steel. Israel.

Atlas Foundry Company, Inc. - A jobbing and production foundry for lightweight (1/2 to 50 lbs) gray iron castings (class 20 - 35), located in Marion Indiana.

Aurora Metals Division, L.L.C. - Castings in non-ferrous and ferrous alloys, utilizing permanent mold and sand casting methods.

Avon Rolls Corporation - Specializes in production of chilled rolls used in such plants as steel and flour mills. Manufacturing basis is centrifugal casting with dual metal pouring and addition of shafts. Company is located in India.

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