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Accurate Brazing - Commercial Heat Treating and Brazing for aerospace, ground turbine, semiconductor, medical, and other industries. Specialize in vacuum furnace work and honeycomb brazing. All materials except aluminum. Prototype through production.

Accurate Steel Treating, Inc. - Offers complete metallurgical evaluation in addition to heat-treating services.

American Metal Treating Inc. - Offers commercial heat treating services including vacuum heat treating, carburizing, computer controlled deep cryogenic processing, nitriding and more.

Austemper, Inc. - Specialized in the austempering process yielding higher ductility, resistance to shock and uniform hardness.

Bodycote Heat Treatments - Provides gas, plasma, fluidised bed and salt bath nitriding services. Serving both small and large customers.

Burton Industries, Inc. - Specialty is full range of heat treating services for the aerospace, commercial, and medical fields. Site includes details of capabilities, facilities, and major customers.

Central Kentucky Processing - Providing heat treating, electroplating, cleaning, deburring, and surface finishing

Deck India Engineering Pvt. Ltd. - Supplies heat treatment services, equipments, fixtures and testing including liquid, carbo and gas nitriding, oxidising andgas carburising.

East Carolina Metal Treating - Commercial heat treating company located in Raleigh, North Carolina 24 hours a day operation. Daily pickup and deliver in many parts of Eastern and central North Carolina

Franklin Field Services - Providing heat treating equipment, on-site heat treating, optical alignment, and field cutting & machining services with over thirty years experience.

Heat Treat News - News, information and discussion groups for the Heat Treat industry, including forums for buying and selling equipment without commissions.

Heat Treating and vacuum carburizing - Midwest Thermal VAc is a provider of vacuum carburizing, plasma nitriding, heat treating, and vacuum tempering services. offers vacuum carburizng, heat treating, plasma nitriding and vacuum tempering services certified by ISO 9000 standard. Wide source of information and articles about heat treating processes.

Heat Treating Services Corporation - Heat treatment services with three plants servicing the central United States.

Heinzelman Heat Treating Corp. - Heat treating technology for all types of metals. Small and large parts. Short and long runs. Specialize in distortion control and quick turn around on quotes and jobs.

HI TecMetal Group, Inc. - Specializes in metal services including brazing, heat treatment, welding, coatings, and machining services.

Hi-Tech Steel Treating Inc. - Specializes in range of services for steel products and components. Includes tempering, hardening, black oxide finishing, straightening, washing, and heat treatment.

Industrial Heat Treating Ltd. - Provides a wide range of Heat Treating services including Brazing, Annealing, and Austempering services. Canadian based.

Industrial Metal Treating Corp. - Provides full range of heat treating services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region including stress relieving, neutral hardening, vacuum hardening and case hardening.

Innovative Metallurgical Technology - Provides heat treating and failure analysis consulting services. Acts as agents for furnaces and electrochemical deburring equipment. Promotes use of cold spray coating, especially as alternative to thermal spray and electroplating processes.

Jasco Heat Treating Inc. - Provides wide range of heat treating services. Includes austempering, carburizing, hardening, marquenching, nitriding, normalizing, and stress relieving. Site provides detailed information regarding available equipment and processes.

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