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Ferrites (49)

Electrosine Systems - Manufacturers of magnetic instrumentation, magnet calibrators and digital gauss meters.

Eneflux Magnets - Supplier of permanent magnetic materials and assemblies to the global marketplace.

F Squared Magnetics Ltd. - Manufacturers of magnetic systems including actuators, holding magnets, sensors, coils and electro magnets.

Far East Electronics - Wholesaling various soft ferrite cores, iron powder cores and bobbin. From Hong Kong.

Far East Magnetics - Manufacturer of permanent magnets, flexible magnetic rubber and magnetic systems.

Ferrofluidics Corp. - Engaged principally in the development, manufacture and marketing of ferrofluids and products based on or derived from its proprietary ferrofluid technology.

ForceField - Wholesale supplier of neodymium magnets.

Global Equipment Marketing, Inc - Full range of magnets, magnetics separators, mineral separation equipment and metal detectors.

Greenwood Magnetics - Manufacturer of magnetic separators for the food, textiles, plastics, and powder handling industries. Also supplies a range of small powerful magnets.

Group Arnold - A source for magnet manufacturing and online magnetic industry information. Group Arnold is both a manufacturer and a seller of a wide range of magnetic products.

Halde Gac. Sdad, Ltda. - Manufacturer of permanent magnets.

Hangzhou HC Electron Co. Ltd - Manufacturer of magnet materials, applied magnetic products, loudspeakers, audio-system, and electrical machinery.

Hangzhou Permanent Magnets Group - Manufactures alnico and ferrite permanent magnets.

Hitachi Metals America, Ltd. - Manufactures permanent magnets, including cast and sintered alnico, ceramic (Ferrite), samarium cobalt and neodymium-iron-boron magnets.

Hoosier Magnetics, Inc. - North American manufacturer of hard ferrite powders used in a wide variety of permanent magnet applications.

Hua Xing Magnetic Material and Precision Casting Co., Ltd. - Manufactures and distributes alnico, NdFeB, SmCo and hard ferrite magnets.

Huaxin Magnets Co., Ltd. - Supplier of NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, and Ferrite permanent magnet materials.

Hunan Aerospace Magnet and Magneto Co. Ltd - Manufacturer and supplier of ferrite magnets.

Icelandic Co., Ltd. - Manufactures magnetic assemblies and permanent magnets.

Ichioce Magtech Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of magnetic products including lifter magnets, magnetic assemblies, pot magnets, speaker drivers, and motor parts.

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