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Ferrites (49)

Shenzhen Feller Magnet Corp. - Manufacturer of rare earth, permanent NdFeb and SmCo magnets.

ShenZhen Shan Magnetism Industry Co.Ltd - Manufacturer of NdFeB magnets.

Shenzhen Smart Magnet Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of permanent magnets and magnetic parts including jewelry, chucks, lifters, door catches, and holdings. [China]

Shields Company - Manufacturer of magnets and magnetic sweepers used in industry. The range of products include magnets used with conveyors, industrial brooms, lifting devices and recycling equipment.

Shin-Etsu Magnetics, Inc. - Manufactures the rare earth, sintered neodymium and samarium-based magnets.

Souwest Magnetech Development Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of various magnetic equipment including magnetic lifters, filter bars, magnetic cartridges, magnetic separators, chucks, and pot magnets.

Stanford Magnets Company - Supplies permanent magnet materials including Alnico, Ceramic and flexible magnet supplies.

Studio ed Applicazione Industriale del Magnetismo - Italian supplier of rare-earth, alnico and ferrite magnets.

Sturton-Gill Engineering Pty Ltd. - Australian owned engineering company specializing in design, manufacture and commissioning of industrial magnets and materials handling equipment.

Sumitomo Special Metals Co., Ltd. - Worldwide manufacturer of magnets and magnetic assemblies.

Swiss Magnet, Inc. - Designers of electric motors, transformers and inductors. Specialists in engineered magnetics.

Taifoo Magnetic Materials Ind. Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of ferrite cores and transformers as well as ferrite, alnico, and rare-earth magnets.

Taiyo Enterprise Ind Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of hard ferrite, NdFeB, Smco, Alnico, flexible magnets, magnetic powder, magnetization equipment and tesla meters.

Taiyuan Tianhe Advanced Tech Magnets Co. ,LTD - Manufacturer of neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) rare-earth permanent magnets.

TDK Ferrites Corporation - Manufacturer of magnetics materials including ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron and samarium-cobalt permanent magnets.

Tesla Magnets - Manufacturer of magnets for accelerators, fusion, semi-conductors.

The Magnet Source - Magnets for industrial applications, OEM design, and material handling.

Thomas and Skinner, Inc. - Manufactures cast and sintered permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies.

Today Iron Works. - Manufacturer of permanent magnetic chucks, permanent magnetic rollers and battery lifting magnets.

Tridelta - Manufacturer of permanent magnets, ferrites, magnetic powder and components.

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