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Ferrites (49)

Tridus International, Inc. - Provides the importing and marketing of Chinese sintered neodymium iron-boron permanent magnets in North America.

Vacuumschmelze - Manufactures and designs NdFeB and SmCo magnets.

WEN Technology Inc. - Providing industry solutions for magnetics.

X-Mag, Inc. - Supplier of magnets from China such as alnico, ferrite and SmCo magnets.

Xiamen One Magnet Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of permanent ferrite, NdFeB, and rare earth magnets.

Xiangying Magnetic Materials Co.,Ltd. - Supplier of magnet powder, magnetic compound, flexible, alnico, ferrite, and rare-earth magnets.

Xiaoshan Xingyuan Magnet Electric Appliance Factory - Manufactures alnico, NdFeB and SmCo and magnetic products.

Yuhong Magnetic Powders Corp. (YMPC) - Manufacturer of magnetic materials including quenched neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) powders, NdFeB magnetic materials for injection molding, and bonded NdFeB magnets.

Yuxiang Magnetic Materials Ind. Co.,ltd. - Manufacturer of ferrite cores, magnetic powders, permanent magnets (ferrite, NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo), flexible magnets. [China]

Zhejiang Dongyang Strong Electron Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of permanent ferrite and Nd-Fe-B magnets.

Zhicheng Mangnetic material Co,Ltd - Manufacturer of radial rotor and radial bonded magnets.

Zhongshan Zhengmin Hi-New Magnetic-Electrical Co., Ltd - Anisotropic & Isotrop Ferrite Magnets, Ceramic Shafts,NdFeB Magnets manufacturer from China

Zibo Huaguang Permanent Magnetic Material Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of Bonded NdFeB and Ferrite magnets.

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