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Acme Electronics Corporation - Manganese-zinc ferrite manufacturer producing a selection of standard cores.

ACME Ferrite Products Sdn Bhd - Producer of nickel zinc soft and manganese zinc soft ferrite products. [Malaysia]

Advanced Ceramic X Corporation - Manufacturer of low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) and multilayer ferrite devices.

Amorphous Metals - Produces inductors and transformers made with metglas amorphous metals have unique and beneficial magnetic properties.

Bison Cores & Electronics S/B - Manufacturer of iron powder cores, toroids, drum cores, axial-type cores, custom cores, coated cores and coil winding.

Ceramic Magnetics, Inc. - Manufactures NiZn and MnZn soft ferrite cores. Processes ferrites powders, machines and presses core shapes. [Fairfield, New Jersey]

Chia Pi Electrical Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of soft Mn-Zn ferrite cores. Also associated products such as transformers, filters, chokes and coils.

CIBISOL s.r.l - Provides components for winding of transformers, motors and chokes: ferrite cores, laminations toroidal cores, plastic bobbins, and other accessories for tranformers and coil windings.

Core-Tech Corporation - Manufacturer ferrite cores.

Dexter Corporation-Magnetic Technologies - Supplier of magnetic materials: permanent magnets, soft ferrites, amorphous & naoncrystalline core materials, ferrite cores, powder cores as well as custom-designed magnet assemblies.

E Core Corp. - Manufacturer of ferrite core products, E CORE EMI, printed circuits bead, surface mount bead, drum core, rod core, tapping bead, connector suppressors and antenna bars.

East Trading / Manufacturing Ltd. - East Trading and East Manufacturing Ltd. Suppliers of Soft Ferrite, transformers, chokes and wide range of SMD components.

Electro-Matic Products Co. - Manufacturers of electro-mechanical controls and systems for industry, including magnetic chuck controls, gaussmeters, and demagnetizers.

Encore Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of electronic passive components, such as core, ferrite core, power inductor, transformer, converter, inverter, line filter, network product.

Ferro Shield Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of ferrite and ceramic EMI electronic components.

Ferropribor Plant - Manufacturer of ferrites, ferrite magnets, ferrite microwave devices and magnetic-dielectric materials. From Russa.

G.P.Electronics - Manufactures hard ferrite magnets (Anisotropic & Isotropic)of different shapes to meet a wide variety of high-tech applications.

Hengdian Magnets - Manufacturing and dealing in hard ferrite magnets and NdFeB Magnets.

Inductor Supply, Inc. - Manufacturer of inductors, transformers, and related magnetic components. [California]

Jantek Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of a range of EMI suppression devices, including ferrite beads, wide band chokes, chip beads, chip inductors, and filters.

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