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A and A Magnetics Inc. - Permanent magnetic assemblies, including pulleys, magnetic sweepers, cross-belt separators, and plate magnets.

A Magnetic Force - Manufacturer of industrial magnets such as ferrite, alnico, cobalt, and neodymium magnets.

Abel Magnets Ltd. - Manufacturer of magnetic powders, paper and compounds.

ACH Magnets, Inc. - Manufacturer of magnetic products including ceramic, NdFeB, samarium cobalt and AlNiCo magnetic assemblies.

Adams Magnetic Products Co. - Manufacturer of permanent magnets and assemblies including rare earth, alnico and flexible magnets.

Advanced E&M Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and supplier of NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo and ferrite permanent magnets.

AG-MAGTECH Industrial Co. - Manufacturer of rare-earth, flexible, ceramic, ferrite, alnico, and smco magnets.

AIC Magnetics Ltd - Specializes in the manufacture, supply and design of various permanent magnets and magnetic products.

AIM Industrial Company - An ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of ferrite, rare-earth and flexible magnets, micro-motors and loudspeakers.

Alniff Industries - Specializes in magnets and magnetic lifting systems, material handling equipment, magnetizers, demagnetizers, hydraulic pitless goods and handicap lifts.

AmeriMag, Inc. - Distributor and retailer of flexible magnetic products located in Lexington, Kentucky.

AMF Magnetics Pty Ltd - Supplier of permanent magnets, including custom ferrite and neodymium.

Anji Keling Magnetic Material Co., Ltd - Specializes in the production of permanent magnetic ferrite material and fireproof material according to customized specifications.

Armstrong Magnetics, Inc. - Manufacturer magnetic assemblies including ceramic, neodymium and SmCo.

ARS Associate - Specializes in components and instrumentation for superconductivity including super conduction magnets from cryomagnetics, power supplies, cryostats and associated electronics

Aster Enterprises, Inc. - Designs and manufactures permanent magnet devices used with devices for semiconductor process equipment, NMR process control equipment, and research applications.

Atlantic Magnetics Inc. - Manufactures low to medium power magnetic components for the power conversion, computer and communication industries.

Aussie Magnets - Comprehensive range of magnets and magnetic products.

Australian Magnet Technology PTY LTD. - Supplier of magnetic products including ferrite, rare-earth, and flexible magnets. Also distributes industrial magnetic equipment.

Axestone Magnet Supplies - Manufacturer of rare-earth magnets and magnetic assemblies.

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