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Accurion, LLC - Providers of SPM, AFM, imaging ellipsometers, Brewster angle microscopes, and active vibration isolation instruments.

Ariel Technologies - Designs, develops and manufactures metrology and microscopy tools which measure electrical properties.

Atomic Force F&E GmbH - Distributes and supports SPM and related accessories. [Germany]

BioForce Laboratory, Inc. - Manufacturer of nanoscale bimolecular arrays including chemically and biomolecularly functionalized probes for the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Products are sold to universities and corporate clients.

Biometrology - A full service analytical laboratory for the outsourcing of AFM and other surface analytical techniques.

Copenhagen Applied Research - Supplier of microscopic electrical conductivity probes and systems.

Digital Instruments - Manufacturers SPM, AFM, STM, and SFM. Site offers a comprehensive electron microscopy image collection, application notes and related resources.

Indigo Scientific Ltd. - Complete microscopy imaging solutions including digital cameras, flat screens, confocal microscopy, AFM and computers

Infinitesima - UK manufacturer of advanced, high speed scanning probe microscopes and add-on accessories.

Innovative Solutions Bulgaria - Offers a choice of cost efficient silicon AFM probes for tapping, force modulation and contact mode measurements.

JPK Instruments AG - Developer and manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes and other nanobiotools. Located in Germany.

MikroMasch - Cantilevers and calibration gratings for SPM. Also provides conductive and magnetic coatings for tips.

Molecular Imaging - Provides AFM, SPM, imaging software and accessories.

n-Surf - Offers software for analyzing and processing SPM/AFM images.

NanoAndMore GmbH - European distributor of SPM/AFM Equipment and consumables.

NanoDevices Inc. - Produces SPM probes, cantilevers, and calibration gratings including Tapping Mode AFM Cantilevers, Silicon Nitride SPM Probes, Contact Mode SPM Cantilevers, and all general AFM probe units.

Nanofactory Instruments - Develops and markets unique combinations of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) instruments.

Nanograph Systems - UK manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes and control systems for custom SPM applications.

Nanonics Imaging, Ltd. - Manufacturers of SPM, AFM, NSOM, SNOM and Confocal systems and associated products.

Nanonis - Swiss company that provides software, hardware and services for scanning probe microscopy.

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