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NanoLab Inc. - Produces carbon nanotubes using the CVD growth process. The process produces arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes on substrates.

Nanomat, Inc. - Manufacturer of nanocrystalline materials for structural, non-structural, microelectronic and biomedical applications. Provider of human resources and nanomaterials consulting services.

Nanomaterials Research Corp. - Manufacturer of thermistors, pigments, fillers, capicators, resistors, carbide abrasives, ceramic composites, chemical vapor sensors and varistors. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.

Nanomix - Develops nanotechnology based sensors and hydrogen storage systems.

Nanophase - Engineers and produces nanocrystalline materials (ceramic and metallic materials in powder form) using several techniques including Physical Vapor Synthesis and Discrete Particle Encapsulation. - NanoPositioning and Nanosensor solutions from Queensgate for OEM development and automation applications.

NanoPowders Industries - NanoCrystal-Clear Solutions - develops, produces, and markets metal nano powders.

NanoScale Materials - Manufacturer and marketer of nanocrystalline metal oxide powders such as calcium oxide, cerium oxide, magnesium oxide, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Products are distinguished by high surface areas and chemical reactivity.

Nanosolutions - Produces fluorescent or paramagnetic RENPhs (Rare Earth Nano Phosphates) for application in the automobile industry, in material sciences, medicine and pharmacy, surface design, and in security technology.

Nanostructured and Amorphous Materials - Manufacturer and supplier of nanoscale metal oxides, nitrides, carbides, diamond, Carbon nanotubes / Particles for research and industries.

Nanotechnologies - Company uses pulsed plasma device to produce nanoparticles with unique size and composition.

Ormecon International - Provides products and processes based on nanotechnology with the organic metal Ormecon(TM), a polyaniline... [Germany]

Oxonica - A nanomaterials company set up by a team from Oxford University to develop nanocrystalline materials for commercial use, such as nanoparticle phosphors for flat screen displays, catalysts, chemical reactants, and quantum dots.

Physik Instrumente (PI) - NanoPositioning, MicroPositioning and Piezo Technology. Leading edge PZT nanopositioning products, piezo-electric flexure systems, sub-nanometer resolution capacitive sensors, for AFM, SPM, SNOM, semiconductor test & measurement, disk drive, GMR.

QinetiQ Nanomaterials Ltd - QinetiQ Nanomaterials has developed a bulk production process for nano metals, oxides and nitrides, and is investing in the associated applications development using the major nanotechnology capabilities of QinetiQ

Quantum dots nanomaterial - Commercial nanocrystals available for products and apps.

Rave Nanomachining Technology - Nanobit technology and nanomachining solutions for ultra microfinishing and advanced photomask repair systems.

Reade Advanced Materials - Custom processor and global distributor of metal, ceramic, & composite nanostructures down to 5 nm.

San Diego Magnetics - Surface and Dimensional Metrology using Scanning Probe, Interference, and Scanning Electron Microscopes. Metrology Services. Specialty Sensors and Detectors.

SuNyx Surface Nanotechnologies - Functional surfaces with optimised wetting ("ultra-hydrophobic") and optical properties. Coatings with high optical quality and long-term durability that require no maintenance due to their built-in auto-regenerating process.

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