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Active Metals Limited - Supplier of specialised metal powders and granules. Site details magnesium and titanium products offered. Location Sheffield UK. - Source for Aerospace and Specialty Magnesium Alloys including hard to obtain specifications and sizes.

Australian Magnesium Corporation Limited - Australian producer of magnesium metal, datasheets available on line.

Dead Sea Magnesium Ltd. - Manufacturer of primary magnesium and magnesium alloys located in Israel

Drahtwerk Elisental - German manufacturer of Magnesium and aluminium welding wire fillers bars and rods. Site details products offered with dowloadable brochures and specs. Site in English, German, and French languages.

Ferrolon Metal Inc. - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of magnesium ingots, alloys, sacrificial anodes and granules.

Hydro Magnesium - Manufacturer of pure and alloyed magnesium, and associated services. Plants in Canada, Norway and China

International Magnesium Association - Trade association web site. Source of producers, users, foundries and fabricators. Includes listing of industry publications and a magnesium physical and mechanical property database.

Luke Engineering and Mfg Co. Inc. - Producers of wear & corrosion resistant coatings including Magoxid-Coat - hard anodic coating for magnesium

Magnesium Alloy Corporation - Canadian magnesium producer details of feasibility study for a 60,000 tonnes per year magnesium mining and processing facility at Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo.

Magnesium Elektron - UK company manufacturing and developing magnesium products and services. Includes magnesium alloys, surface protection, magnesium powders and forgings. Datasheets on magnesium products available to download

Magnesium International Ltd - Australian company, constructing a primary metal and alloy production facility with a capacity of 84,000 tonnes per annum of magnesium metal in product.

Magnesium Technology Licensing Ltd - 'Anomag' suface treatments for magnesium metals. - Comprehensive online resource for magnesium metal industry professionals. Magnesium news, events, market, directory, forum, e-mail, and more.

Metagran Co. Ltd - The company develops and realises the production of new construction materials and finished products from magnesium-based alloys, by the method of high-speed crystallisation.

Miller Plating and Metal Finishing, Inc. - Plating services for hard to plate metals and various other substrates and anodizing. Lists processes offered.

RIMA Industrial S/A. - Brazilian producer of Magnesium Metal and it alloys (including Die Casting products), Silicon Metal, Calcium Silicon alloys, Magnesium Ferro Silicon, Ferro Silicon 75% High Purity, Inoculants and other specialty Ferro-Alloys in the Cored Wire form.

The Magnesium Home Page - Magnesium metal production and use of magnesium components world wide, includes research and development details, production statistics, properties of alloys, forum, listing of companies using magnesium

Timminco Ltd - A world leader in manufacturing and supplying engineered magnesium extrusions and an international leader in the production and marketing of specialty magnesium metals and alloys.

U.S. Magnesium LLC - A dedicated service organization and the only producer of primary magnesium in the U.S., specializing in the manufacture and supply of magnesium ingot products and magnesium recycling services.

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