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Kirovgrad hard alloys plant - Joint-stock company of an open type Kirovgrad hard alloys plant (KZTS) - largest russian enterprise producing best in country hard metal production. On our web site you can find a big on-line catalog of our production.

Material Technologies, Inc. - Manufactures, markets and licenses ACTIVATED(tm), NANOTECH(tm) powders which are low alloy steels which can be sintered directly to full density and which exhibit the mechanical properties of wrought steel components.

Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) - US PM industry association. Comprehensive resource for information about powder metallurgy (P/M) and particulate paterials.

Metalworking Products - Producer of tungsten-based products, including tungsten and tungsten carbide powders, mill products, intermediate forms, wear parts and cutting tool products.

Metalysis - Metalysis holds exploitation rights for the molten salt electrochemical process for the production of metal powder and metal sponge, developed by Professor Fray's research group in the Materials Department of Cambridge University.

Nanostructured and Amorphous Materials - Manufacturer and supplier of nanoscale metal oxides, nitrides, carbides, diamond, Carbon nanotubes / Particles for research and industries.

Nyacol Nano Technologies, Inc - Offer colloidal dispersions of inorganic oxides and powders prepared from these dispersions. Includes product specifications, a listing of agents, and abstracts from white papers. - Powder Metal Parts - Manufactures powder metal gears and structural parts. Helical gears, worm gears, spur gears, bevel gears, pinion gears.

Otbey Co., Ltd. - Manufacturing & Supply: WC-Co ,Cr3C2,TiC,VC, Cystalline W&WC

Oxxides Inc. - Distributer of antimony oxide.

Pacific Particulate Materials Ltd. - Develops, produces and distributes advanced materials to powder metallurgical (PM) part manufacturers.

Poudpress Inc. - P/M structural parts & bearings, sintering. Describe the process of manufacturing powder metal parts. Describe company profile, capabilities & lucation. In English & French. Francais:Decrit le profile d'entreprise. Decrit le procede de pressage & frittage de la poudre metallique.

Powder Metallurgy Asia 2005 - Conference and Exhibition - An international event dedicated to the growth of powder metallurgy technology in Asia. Shanghai - China.

Powdermet Incorporated - Design, develop, and manufacture metal and ceramic nanoengineered fine powders and particulates using fluidized bed surface modification technology.

PowderMetalWeb - A Powder Metal & Sinter B2B Portal, covers Powder Metallurgy, Sintering, Metal Injection Moulding etc by featuring an industry directory, patents, technical and market news, a marketplace and technical support for the PM business.

Precursor International Technologies Company - Supply thermal spray materials and rare earth products. Molybdenum, tungsten carbide and chromium carbide, ceramic and alloy powders, and cermet and composite powders. Includes detailed specifications of products.

Proftec - Supplier of pure Copper powder.

QMP Metal Powders - A complete reference to QMP Metal Powders in English, French and German. An introduction to our manufacturing process, quality standards (QS-9000, ISO 14001), products and contact information is included. Product data, brochures, technical papers and other QMP publications are available to download.

Reade Advanced Materials - A global manufacturer and processor of advanced specialty inorganic powders, fillers, reinforcements, abrasives, and nanomaterials.

Rigato Umberto snc - Italian based company concerned with ecological aspirations of powders and granules, depowderisation, reclamations industrial systems, technologies, industrial hydrodynamics, maintenances, cut to cold, powder production and powder substitution.

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