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Sarda Industrial Enterprises - Indian manufacturer of copper metal powder, tin powder, Lead Powder for carbon brushes, sintered parts, electrical contacts, etc.

Sejong materials Co., Ltd. - Producer of titanium, zirconium metal powders, getters for ultra high purity gas purification and high vacuum system, and sintering targets with diverse color, heat and wear resistivity and high hardness.

Solea - A French company operating in two areas : - Production of titanium powder. This powder are mainly used in powder metallurgy, in metallic surfaces cladding or in pyrotechnics - Realisation of porous metals and/or pourous metallic surfaces. Fields of application include heat transfert, fluid transport and orthopeadics.

Southcom Group - Manufacture of powder metal parts to accurate dimensional and or functional specifications for most product and equipment industries.

SPT - export,tungsten,energy material,product information,China market,product prices

Taifoo Magnetic Materials Ind. Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of ferrite cores and transformers as well as ferrite, alnico, and rare-earth magnets.

Tungsten Heavy Powder, Inc. - Purchases tungsten scrap and uses powder metallurgy to recycle it into a spheroidal-grain high-density heavy tungsten powder, formerly known as Technon. Specifications, applications, and contacts.

Tungsten Products - Densalloy, our heavy alloy product, is offered as machinable blanks or finished parts precision machined to the customer's specs. Densabore is our tungsten alloy material for boring bars and grinding quills.

United Vacuum Materials Corp. - Ultra-high purity materials manufacturing. Powder metallurgy, sputtering targets, and evaporation materials.

Wall Colmonoy Corporation - Manufacturer of metal powders for wear resistance applied where resistance to abrasion, galling, chemical corrosion, elevated temperatures (heat), thermal shock and impact limit the service life of the component. Dozens of formulations are available for a wide variety of base materials, conditions and application methods.

Wellmet International Inc - Supply titanium powder, sponge, Molybdenum powder, wire, rod and sheet, Nickel powder, cobalt oxide, indium ingot, metal scrap, rock drills, and paving breakers.

Westaim Ambeon Conductive Fillers - supplier of clad & pure nickel powders and conductive fillers; additives used in the formulation of thermally & electrically conductive polymers, elastomers (emi gaskets and seals) & plastics with rf emi shielding properties.

Xinlihua Magnesium Powder Research Institute - Research and development in the deeper processing technique for hi-tech products of nonferrous metals: spheroidal Mg , AZ91D, Mg-Al , Al-Zn , pure Zn and Ni powders.

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