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High Purity Materials (15)

Global Wafers, Inc. - Distributor of silicon-on-insulator (soi) wafers, and non-silicon wafers available in diameters from 50mm to 300mm.

GPM, Inc. - Specializing in the fabrication and repair of silicon wafer dicing chucks for the semiconductor industry.

Hwa Lu Pao Enterprise Co., Ltd. - IC packing material manufacturer using carrier tape, tube, taping and reel technology. From Taiwan.

III/V-Reclaim - Reclaim (recycles) GaAs and InP 1" to 150mm wafers, removing all layers and structures. Offers single and double side polishing. Based in Germany.

Inostek inc. - Manufacturer of PZT Sol-Gel solutions and platinum thin films for FeRAM, DRAM, IR sensors, and MEMS.

International Ceramic Engineering - Manufacturer and fabricator of advanced and engineered ceramics for the semiconductor and ion implant industries.

International Silicon Solutions - Discreet device manufacturing, dedicated to providing wafer sorting, etching, lapping, single and double side polishing, cleaning, laser inspection and packaging services for 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch diameter wafer fabs.

Isonics Corporation - Offers isotopically pure silicon-28 to replace natural silicon in the production of wafers for computer chips. (Nasdaq: ISON).

Kumkang Quartz Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of quartz ware - tubes, boats and other quartz wares for semiconductor processing.

LG Siltron - Manufacturer of silicon wafers.

MarkeTech International - Supplier of materials (aerogels), electrochemical materials, engineered ceramics and materials, sputtering targets and superconductors.

MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. - Silicon wafer manufacturing.

MINCO Technology Labs Inc. - A semiconductor processor, assembler and tester serving the medical, military, space and commercial industries.

Montco Silicon Technologies, Inc. - Silicon wafer sales and services, supplying all sizes from 2" to 300mm.

Nitto Denko - Semiconductor encapsulating materials, polarizing and retardation films for LCDs, flexible printed circuit boards.

Polishing Corporation of America - Polishing of silicon wafers from 1" to 12" including oxides, metals, wafer reclaim and stripping, slicing, lapping, polishing.

Process Specialties - Provider of semiconductor wafer processing, specializing in 100mm - 300mm wafers.

Promerus, LLC - Provides material solutions for applications in the semiconductor, optoelectronic and electronic packaging markets.

Pure Wafer Ltd - A provider of silicon wafer reclaim and finishing services.

Rodel Inc. - Offers a fully-integrated solutions for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and surface preparation needs for semiconductor devices, silicon and other substrate wafers, computer memory disks, and precision optics.

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