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Corrosion (24)

Optical Coatings (16)

Painting & Powder Coating (50)

Plating & Metal Finishing (73)

Vacuum Coating (18)

FRG Finishing & Consulting Inc. - Specializes in cleaning, finishing, and cosmetic repair of small parts. Capabilities include micro deburring and inspection, bead blasting, orbital surface grinding, polishing, and ultrasonic cleaning.

Fused Metals - Provider of metal finishing services including plating (hard chrome, electroless nickel), brazing, plasma spray, physical vapor deposition, vacuum heat treating and thin-film dry lubricants.

Gallery Graphics - Offers industrial metal finishing services. Includes spray painting, powder coating, and screen printing. Seerves diviersified customer base.

Garrick Surface Coatings - Industrial coatings, paints and painting, metal treatments. Industrial and commercial pre-treatments and finishes for most type of metal components.

General Super Plating (GSP) - Provider of surface finishing services including plating, painting, physical vapor deposition (PVD) and anodizing.

Groupe N.E.T. Tech Plus - Stainless steel chemical cleaning and metal surface finishing including passivation, pickling, degreasing, and descaling.

Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc. - Specializing in condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning, boiler system pipeline cleaning, and radiological decontamiantion.

High Performance Systems Inc. - Offer a range of services for the coating of exterior and curtain walls, re-cladding materials, flag poles, doors and railings. Includes tips for architects.

IBC Coating Technologies Ltd. - Develops diffusion surface treatment technologies for anti-wear and anti-corrosion applications.

Inovati - A contract processor for coatings and metal deposition for industry. The company also sells the equipment for metal deposition processing.

Jasco Heat Treating Inc. - Provides wide range of heat treating services. Includes austempering, carburizing, hardening, marquenching, nitriding, normalizing, and stress relieving. Site provides detailed information regarding available equipment and processes.

Judricks Enterprises Limited - Specializes in shot blasting, shot peening, balancing, deburring, precision machining and steel forging.

Kamis Incorporated - Manufactures sputtering targets and evaporation material for thin filmcoating industry. Includes selection of crucibles, evaporation boats, and earth and pure metals. Also provides subcontract services.

Kel-Mar - Specializes in cleaning and surface preparation of parts and components for variety of industries. Capabilities include degreasing, deburring, selectively painting, and zinc phosphating of metal and ceramic products.

M-L Grinding Inc. - Specialist services to the printing industry.

MacDermid Incorporated - Researches, develops and markets specialty chemicals and systems for the chemical treatment, surface preparation and finishing of metals, plastics and other materials.

Magnet Paints - Manufactures specialty paints and coatings for industrial maintenance, automotive fleets and commercial vehicles.

ME-92 Operations, Inc. - Specializes in protective coatings for medical/surgical stainless steels. Coatings researched are used to lower friction, control metal debris and eliminate corrosion.

Mechanical Finishing, Inc. - Polishing, deburring and cleaning specialists for automotive, food service, appliances and tools, and high-tech industries. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Merrick's Hydrolazing and Waterblasting - Specializes in removing buildup of rust, algae, scale, paint, grease, tar, resilient chemicals, and decontaminants from wide range of structures and surface. Site provides detailed explanation of processes and applications.

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