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Metallurgical Processing - Provider of heat treating and hard material coating services for the aerospace and commercial industries. Processes include brazing, physical vapor deposition (PVD) and plasma nitriding.

Nitrotrim Ltd. - UK. Provides specialized flash removal services for gasket type products. Basis is use of liquid nitrogen to freeze items and shotblasting or barrel tumbling to dispose of trim. Site shows examples of before and after conditions.

Northeast Laser Engraving Inc. - Provides laser marking and engraving services on variety of materials and surfaces. Applications include medical, industrial, and promotional items. Site provides photos of various end products.

PermaMark Inc. - Provides broad range of laser marking services. Capabilities include laser based vitrification of bricks and tiles and processing of exotic materials.

Photo Chemical Machining - PCMI is different from most Trade Associations and Professional Societies because it represents a broad cross-section of all sections of the Photo Chemical Machining Industry's technology:

PowderTech Corporation - Provides powder coating, vacuum impregnation, and chromate conversion coating on metals of all types.

Precision Cleaning Systems - Specializes in cleanroom contaminant removal services for variety of applications. Includes cleaning of parts, assemblies, instrumentation, and process flow equipment for oxygen, chlorine, electronics, and aerospace industries.

PTI Industries Inc. - Provides cleaning, coating, overhaul, repair, and testing services for aerospace, automotive, commercial, and medical components. Includes grit blasting, ultrasonic cleaning, passivation, magnesium coating, and nondestructive testing.

R.P. Rivestimenti Plastici s.r.l. - Specializes in application of plastic coatings to a variety of products and components. Basis is a cataphoresis process.

Rho-BeSt plc - A commercial coater with core competence in diamond technology.

Riverstone Technologies - Specializes in powder coating of wood surfaces and components. Low or high gloss and smooth or textured finishes available. Applications include furniture, fixtures, and displays.

Royal E-Coat - Specializes in application of black, colored, and clear electrocoat finishes to metal parts. Site includes explanation of process, account of benefits, and list of possible surfaces, products, and components.

Sensors & Synergy S.a. - Metallization of dielectric surfaces for decoration, electronics, shielding and wear protection.

SIAP SA - France. Specializes in surface treatment and application of paint to wide range of industrial parts and products. Capabilities include substrate steel, cast iron, aluminium, plastic, and glass materials.

Southern Shotblasting - Specializes in surface and floor preparation for construction and road projects. Services include concrete cleaning, bead blasting, and industrial coatings removal.

Specialty Steel Treating Inc. - Provides broad range of heat treatment services. Capabilities include brazing, carburizing, nitriding, normalizing, precipitation hardening, quenching, and stress relieving. Holds several Quality Certifications.

Stanley Industries, Inc. - Specializing in deburring, blasting, burnishing, and other services for the metal working industry.

Superior Shot Peening - Offers a system to produce significant improvements in fatigue properties of finished castings.

SuPerTech process - UK. Offers special process to minimize manufactured surface imperfections, reduce effects of friction, and increase acceleration of racing motorcycles. Site compares advantages over plating, polishing, and coating processes.

Surface Technology - Provider of electroless nickel, diamond composite, Teflon, self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant coatings and processes.

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