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AccuCoat - Manufacturer of custom optical thin film coatings and opthalmic coatings.

Acktar Ltd - Moisture barrier coatings for fiber optics, high emissivity optical coatings for thermography and porous coatings for electrolytic capacitors

American Computer Optics - Manufacturer of thin film optical coatings and safety tempered coated glass.

Andover Corporation - Bandpass, dichroic, DWDM, filter glass, neutral density and calibration filters. [Salem, NH]

Cougar Labs, Inc. - Manufacturer of thin film processing tools for sputtering, evaporation and MOCVD. Tutorial material and references.

Deposition Research Laboratory - Experience in the design, development and fabrication of thin film materials and sophisticated multilayer optical filters and devices.

Gaertner Scientific Corporation - Gaertner manufactures precision optical measuring instruments covering a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

H. L. Clausing - Provider of optical coating services.

IBIS - Study and characterize molecular interactions to explore the structure funtion relationships of biomolecules.

Maier Photonics - Manufacturer of optical thin-film filters in the ultraviolet (UV), visible and near-infrared (NIR) range.

Majestic Optical Coatings - Supplier of thin film optical coatings, reflective and anti reflective. 24 to 48 hour turn around for selective coatings.

Nanofilm - Provider of coating and cleaner solutions for the eyewear, photography, transportation, digital storage, industrial molding, and computer industries.

Optical Coatings Japan - Designs and manufactures thin-film coated optical components ranging from uv to far infrared for a broad variety of applications such as fibre optical communications, industrial, scientific, and medical .

Rescue Technologies - Consulting, sampling and prototyping, thin films, products and processes.

Seoul Precision Optics - Supplies optical filters for laser mirror, fiber optics and many of the latest thin film applications.

Thin Film Center Inc. - Provides software, training courses and consulting services for the optical thin-film industry.

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