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Advanced Prep-Coat, Inc. - Surface preparation and coating company. Services include sand blasting, shot blasting, epoxy and urethane coatings, and specialty floorings and linings.

Altamar Inc. - Provide broad range of laser based services, including cutting, welding, and marking; remanufacturing of existing laser machines; and design, development, and manufacturing of custom laser fabrication systems.

aScribe Inc. - Provides laser marking and engraving services for manufacturers of optics, telecom, electronics, and bio-medical products. Site provides details of capabilities.

Badia - Thermochemical and surface treating of steel and nonferreus metals .

Bernard Hastie and Company Limited - UK. Provides variety of surface preparation and finishing services. Includes shotblasting, thermal metal spraying, industrial and contract painting, powder coating, and light sheetmetal fabrication, welding, and assembly.

Bodycote - Wide ranging group of companies specializing in provision of heat treatment services, supply of metallurgical coatings, and facilities for material testing. Site includes extensive explanation of available processes.

Bodycote Metallurgical Coatings - Provider of metallurgical coating services. Processes include chemical and physical vapor deposition (CVD/PVD), zinc electroplating, plating, electroless nickel, and duplex coatings.

Bodycote Nussbaum GmbH & Co KG - Provides broad range of functional and decorative surface treatments for aluminium, plastics, and glass products and materials. Site includes details of available process and applications.

Burkard Industries - A powder coater certified to major automotive standards. RFQs may be submitted on-line.

Cohesant Technologies Inc. - Holding company with subsidiaries which design, develop, manufacture and sell specialized spray finishing and coating application equipment and related supplies. (Nasdaq: COHT).

Deburring Centre Ltd. - Features examples and diagrams of removing burrs thermally. UK based.

Diamant Metallplastic GmbH - Germany. Produces special coatings for wide range of industrial applications. Includes anti-corrosion, welding seam impregnation, cold welding, and plastic metal varieties. Site provides detailed product and usage information.

DIARC-Technology Inc. - Specializes in amorphous diamond coatings using patented technology. Applications include sheet metal, cutting and molding tools, cutting knives, rotary dies, and machine parts. [Finland]

Donwell Company - Specializes in application of Teflon and other protective and special purpose coatings. Site provides details of different coating properties and applications to wide range of industrial and commercial product surfaces.

E. L. Stone Company Inc - Industrial coating services including non-stick, drylube, chemical and corrosion resistance.

Eaglemaster Inc. - Specializes in deburring and metal finishing. Minnesota based.

Ferrotherm Heat Treater - India. Specializes in wide range of heat treatment processes. Includes regular and isothermal annealing, normalizing, stress relieving, hardening, and tempering. Can also provide on site hot zinc spraying.

Fincore Industries Inc. - Canada. Specialty is metal and surface finishing services for the automotive industry. Includes e-coat, powder coat, and base/clear liquid coating capabilities.

Fisher Company and Moore - Coaters, applicators, and fabricators of fluoropolymer and thermoplastic liners in the electronics, semiconductor, chemical process, and pharmeceutical industries.

Flamemaster Corporation (The) - Manufactures, develops, markets and licences flame retardant coatings, high-heat resistant coatings, and sealants. (Nasdaq: FAME).

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